Alexander and Darlene's Farm Haven

Since 2009, we have operated a certified organic vegetable farm on our beautiful property in Hope River, PEI. Between early July to November, fresh organic products are available for purchase both online and in person at our market stand.
Our farm includes two miniature horses (Blue and Arti), six Nigerian Dwarf goats (Luna, Clarabelle, Star, Thor, Rosie and Annabel), two Angora goats (Thelma and Louise), one Miniature donkey (Molly), three Holland Lop rabbits and an Alpaca - Apple Jack. They all live out their lives in comfort on our land, safe from the threat of consumption.

Items For Sale
Organic products for purchase online and in person at market stand

Farm Details

  • Business Name: Alexander and Darlene's Farm Haven
  • Farm Type: Organic vegetables and petting zoo
  • Host: Alexander Mackay
  • Phone: 902 888 7456
  • Address: 4018 RTE 224 St Mary's Rd
  • City: Hope River
  • Province: Prince Edward Island
  • Start Time: 1:00PM
  • End Time: 5:00PM
  • Date: September 19
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