Walker Farms

We are a first-generation farm started in 1980. We have a strawberry and raspberry u-pick and grow approximately 10 acres of vegetables and 150 acres of forages. We have a market on the farm. We have approximately 100 beef cattle and 40 ewes.

Activities: Tour of the market, green house and high tunnel. Eight sheep are in a pen near our sales market for the public to see and play with.

Accessibility: Only accessible by foot

Farm Details

  • Business Name: Walker Farms
  • Farm Type: Beef cattle, sheep, strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, forages (hay and grain).
  • Host: Brian & Linda Walker
  • Phone:
  • Address: 837 Route 880
  • City: Lower Millstream
  • Province: New Brunswick
  • Start Time: 2:00PM
  • End Time: 4:00PM
  • Date: September 18
  • Activities
  • Farm Tours Gardens & Plants Livestock & Animals Markets & Farm Store

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