Seven Acres Farm and Ferments

Seven Acres Farm is owned and operated by farmers Jocelyn Durston and Tim Burns. They grow a mix of vegetables, herbs and flowers and make naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. They sell their products through the Wolfville Farmers’ Market and at their own roadside stand located on the farm.

Jocelyn and Tim are both first-generation farmers. Neither one grew up on a farm. Jocelyn has always had an interest in the environment and food. She grew up in British Columbia, went to university there, and wanted to explore farming to connect her interests. She worked on small farms in B.C before making her way to Nova Scotia. She started Seven Acres Farm on her own in 2015. Everything is done by hand on the farm. Planting, weeding, harvesting and everything in between is done without the use of machinery.

The pair have deep connections to the ecosystem on their farm. They have been very strategic in farming in a way that supports a diverse ecosystem, to build biodiversity and wildlife habitats, and build soil health. They use recycled materials and timber from their property as much as they can when building projects.

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  • Business Name: Seven Acres Farm and Ferments
  • Farm Type: Mixed vegetables and flowers
  • Host: Jocelyn Durston and Tim Burns
  • Phone:
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  • Province: Nova Scotia
  • Start Time:
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  • Date: September 18
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  • Conservation & Ecosystems Gardens & Plants Tour

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