Lindsay Lake Farms

From Germany to Canada: Lindsay Lake Farms adventure unveiled!

We will take you on a journey that spans continents, cultures, and the following a farm dream. Join us as we recount the exhilarating take of our farm’s relocation from Germany to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Relocating an entire farm might sound like an ambitious feat, after all 10 shipping containers, multiple tractors, machines, and even a Clydesdale does seem like a lot to take across the ocean, but we did it! It was a thrilling venture that symbolized new beginnings and fresh opportunities. We’ll share some of the challenges we faced, the moments of excitement, and the tireless efforts that culminated in the successful move.

We currently have 4 majestic Clydesdales, a home farm bakery brimming with delectable German creations, an abundance of fresh eggs and the capability to subsistence farm with all aspects of our farm. But that’s not all – we’re just getting started! We are in the process of preparing a top-notch butchery, charming bakery, and an inviting restaurant in the heart of Middle Musquodoboit. It’s a vision that combines culinary excellence with the authenticity of farm-to-table living.

 Stay tuned, because this is a story that keeps on growing – just like our farm in its new Canadian home.

Farm Details

  • Business Name: Lindsay Lake Farms
  • Farm Type: livestock, forestry, food production, & farm stays
  • Host: The Teerling Family
  • Phone: 902-891-0263
  • Address:
  • City: Lindsay Lake
  • Province: Nova Scotia
  • Start Time:
  • End Time:
  • Date: September 24,2023
  • Activities
  • Country Stays Crops & Machinery Livestock & Animals

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