Hidden Brook Farm

Hidden Brook farm will be hosting an in-person event, as well as doing a live-video, and a pre-recorded video to introduce people to their horses, oils, and farm.

We have operated our family-owned farm since 1999. We would like the public to know that we do our best to be
sustainable. To treat our horses as true partners and with respect. We have been pioneers in the Natural
Horsemanship movement and in working with energy/Reiki and animal communication as we train and work with
horses. We also have a line of essential oils that are intuitively created and available at health food shops in and
around New Brunswick.

- 1pm, we will do a Facebook Live at the same time as we do an in-person demonstration of grooming horses
and introducing people to our herd. We may add a bridles riding exhibition. People can take photos with the
horses at this time.

- 2pm, we will do an in-person demonstration of how we blend our essential oils and how to use essential oils
with animals, and will answer any questions about them.

- 3pm, we will demonstrate Reiki and then host a Reiki meditation with the horses. This can be in-person as
well as available as a Facebook Live event.

- 4pm we will show people the gardens and solar panels and discuss how we manage things to be as
sustainable as possible. Again, we can show this as a FaceBook Live presentation.

- 5pm (separate from the Open Farm Day), we will hold a short Green Party meeting. Anyone from the Open
Farm Day is welcome to attend.

- 5:30pm (separate from the Open Farm Day), we will hold a Green Party barbecue / social event.

Farm Details

  • Business Name: Hidden Brook Farm
  • Farm Type: Horseback Riding, Essential Oils, Reiki, Animal Reiki, Animal Communication
  • Host: Pam Allen-LeBlanc
  • Phone: 506-260-6213
  • Address: 210 Upper Durham Road
  • City: Durham Bridge
  • Province: New Brunswick
  • Start Time: 1:00
  • End Time: 5:00
  • Date: September 17th
  • Services
  • Public Washrooms
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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