Ataraxy Farm

Tally's Goats Milk Products are created using fresh unpasteurized goat's milk. Our goats are hand milked daily. Our products are locally made, exclude artificial colors and synthetic fragrances, and are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Ataraxy Farm offers a unique non-traditional farm experience. This farm is a therapy farm that includes both horses and goats. Join them on Open Farm Day for a free farm tour. On the tour you will get to go in and visit with the goats, while learning more about Ataraxy farm. This farm loves giving back to the community by offering special tours for mental health groups.

Farm Details

  • Business Name: Ataraxy Farm
  • Farm Type: Goat and horses
  • Host: Kim Davis
  • Phone:
  • Address: 33 Manetail Lane
  • City: Lawrencetown
  • Province: Nova Scotia
  • Start Time: 10:00AM
  • End Time: 2:00PM
  • Date: September 24,2023
  • Activities
  • Farm Tours Livestock & Animals Special Activities & History

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