Open Sky Co-operative

Open Sky is a non-profit, therapeutic-type farm. We work with folks on the Autism Spectrum as well as other social disabilities and mental health issues. We are situated on 11 acres at the edge of the Tantramar Marsh in Sackville, NB, and work the land using permaculture, no till, and regenerative farming techniques. We focus on sustainability, and have several solar panels onsite

Activities: We will offer tours of our farm (of the animals and the garden), as well as having fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and preserves available for purchase. Members of the Open Sky community may be offering their crafts for purchase as well. Our new building will be open for tours, and will include a display on the mission and scope of Open Sky.

Accesibility: Parts of the property are wheelchair accessible, however folks on foot will have an easier time navigating the property. There are no major hills; most of the property is grassy with wood-chipped pathways. Accessible parking (suitable for wheelchair, walker, and cane users) is available

Farm Details

  • Business Name: Open Sky Co-operative
  • Farm Type: Organically raised fruits (berries, grapes, apples) and vegetables (various crops). We also have hens, donkeys and goats.
  • Host: Sarah Poirer
  • Phone:
  • Address: 12 Folkins Drive
  • City: Sackville
  • Province: New Brunswick
  • Start Time: 2:00PM
  • End Time: 4:00PM
  • Date: September 17
  • Services
  • Food Sales
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Activities
  • Farm Tours Gardens & Plants Livestock & Animals Markets & Farm Store Special Activities & History

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